"First of all, who's your A&R? A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar?"
Money, Art, and NFTs...
On Sony buying AWAL, false binaries of independence, a vertically integrated future, and NFT's
"She asked how much publishing I made off of my BMI" - Big Sean
"He cleans his metal mask with gasoline, they after him/ Last seen pulling chicks like a fiend pull a fast one"
“Broke? Then fix your pockets/ All I do is profit” - ScHoolboy Q
“It’s a numbers game, but shit don’t add up somehow” - Mos Def
"There's smoke in my iris/ But I painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids."
“I might just fade into bolivian” (or some thoughts on how we got the music piracy narrative wrong)
"You wanna know how to rhyme you better learn how to add/ It's mathematics" - Mos Def
“I’m into distribution/ I’m like Atlantic” - Rick Ross
Because I'm a nerd!