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I spent all day pondering AI and its role in the current stand-off in Hollywood. The technology already exists ( almost) to write, produce, release a movie featuring Fred Astaire, throwing aside his dancing vacuum cleaner, for a six-gun and a posse consisting of Cary Grant, Charlie Chaplin, Myrna Loy and W.C.Fields, and riding against the corrupt Sheriff Orson Welles in a mad-cap, musical adventure of the old West…..without the further input of a single human being. Your analysis of, and suggestions for, the future of IP in music is adaptable throughout the creative industries and, I believe, illuminates like a laser the core of the issue: embrace, collaborate and partner with the future…or join the dodo bird. Thank you for such a stimulating and important perspective on our current paradigm shift that is driving so many ( including myself!) into a state of wide-eyed panic.

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