Applied Science

Trying to make sense of the music business one loosely applicable quote at a time...

Hey. I’m Jon Tanners. I used to write about music all the time for Pigeons and Planes. I occasionally wrote for Complex, SMASHD (RIP), Brick Mag (still got one of these at my mom’s house if you want it), and Respect Magazine’s blog (they wiped my bylines because I was an intern who wouldn’t sign their weird NDA/intern agreement, shoutout to them). I’ve had a pretty odd path in music: A writer / quasi-journalist, A&R, publisher, record label co-founder, and manager. As a result, I’m now a guy who responds to emails for Take A Daytrip, Michael Uzowuru, Ghostemane, Bea Miller, TOBi, ICECOLDBISHOP, Clayjay, and Keep Cool…or maybe doesn't respond who knows!

I haven’t written professionally in a few years. I had a pretty rough year in 2018 and started writing in the fall—reflections about my father, a screenplay I may never finish, a bunch of weird scribbles about grief and music, and, eventually, a series of reflections on the music industry inspired by books and articles I was reading that had nothing to do with music. The result of that last bit is Applied Science, an experiment in which I thread my musings about the music business through the better words and ideas of others. This started out as the scratching of an itch to write about music again. I have no idea where it will lead. Bare with me in the meantime.

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